12 Tips For Women, How to deal with Caribbean men

12 Tips For Women, How to deal with Caribbean men

This afternoon I listened to the Radio show Caribbean Connections on Radio Anguilla. The Lady Bree had some interesting tips for the ladies.   A lot of truth is in these

“12 Tips for Every Woman”

Tip 1

Stop believing that every man loves you simply because he says he does. When it’s convenient for him, he acts like he does. Awards are given every year for the best actor/actress award. Just add his name to the nominations.

I am one of them that are not running for any nominations, lol. However I know that this “I love you” can be used to get want men wants. On the otherhand to me werent women “complaining” that man dont say “I love you” enough or not at all… hmm something to thing about.

Tip 2

Stop believing that you can change him. You can’t. He has to change and want to change first and foremost. Stop thinking that because you caught him in a major lie and he cried and told you how much he loves you that he won’t do it again, because he will.

Yes, a man should not change his mind/ways just to please a woman. If a man wants to change, he should do it from his own perspective and his own deepest knowledge and intuition. However of course as a man you should always listen to your woman, but then make youw own decision and not just change to please a woman. Both man and woman are not benefiting from that action, she will see you as weak and you will start to doubt your own wisdom.

Tip 3

Stop trying to catch your man cheating when you know when you do catch him, you’re not going to leave him anyway. So what’s the purpose in knowing? At least ignorance truly is bliss.

So true. Furthermore the law of attraction will always give you want you are looking for. So the more you are looking for evidence that your partner is cheating, the more you will find. And from a man point of view, if your company is great and nice and you treat your man as a king, cheating will be the last thing on your mind. Everyone wants to be where it is nice and pleasant and be around with positive and happy people. And the few men that can’t behave them, so be it. Those will only see what they “good woman” they had after they lost it. Unfortunately.

Tip 4

Stop busting out all the windows in the man’s car just because you caught him cheating AGAIN. You’re going to stay with him and now you have to drive him around until he gets his car fixed. Or you will end up “loaning” him the money to get it fixed, or help him put plastic up to the windows until they are fixed.

Thank you! Lol, some good advice here. Breaking the glass and the car dont help nobody. I have heard of occasions where a car was mashed up, just to find that a similar car was parked in the parking lot and the WRONG car was all beat up… A owner of an Adult place told me a story like this where a similar car was parked at his establishment and a woman came to slash the tires and mess up the car bad, just to find that her husband wasn’t at this location, when she called him to tell what she did to the car…. and he reply” But darling I am driving my car right now. let me come to you”. Yea, and the owner of the car had now a challenge to go home to his wife with a beat up car…Luckily the settle on letting the man go with their car.  So please think again when starting to break stuff…I dont help and most of the time it will only make things worse.

Tip 5

Stop lying to your girls about how wonderful he is. We already know he Ain’t nothing. More than likely he’s already pushed up on one of them, but for your sake we keep quiet. If he’s so wonderful we will see that even if you never say a word.

Not much to add to that one … As with everything in life Actions speaks louder than words!

Tip 6

Stop believing he’s going to leave his wife for you. She’s the wife for a reason and you’re the other woman for a reason.

If you know from the start that someone is in a relationship, why are  you looking at someone that is already “taken”. So if you need to be around that person so badly, just accept you not the only woman. And if you cant accept that move on. But somehow it is that the men who date many woman are magnets for other women. Maybe it make the woman feel better when they have won that man over. A man isn’t that interesting   when shows  interest in only one woman.

Tip 7

Every time you take him back after you’ve caught him lying and cheating, he loses more respect for you. Get caught lying or cheating once and see how quick he leaves you without even considering taking you back, and have you replaced before you finish begging his forgiveness.

Lying and cheating, it is sad that men (and women) treat each other like that. Have respect for each other. If you are not interested in someone anymore, be frank and let explain that. Unfortunately man and woman see their partners as their possession. It is time to realize that you don’t own the other person. Live and let live. Time to move on and look back on a good time together and most likely the Universe has even a way better experience waiting for you. Everything happens for a reason…enjoy life

Tip 8

Stop thinking that because the brother has money he’s going to spend it on you! Get your own money then it won’t matter if he does or doesn’t.

Yep, it is 2009, time for women to stand up for themselves and take a man out to dinner and pay of it. Call me I would love to be treated by a woman.

Tip 9

Stop thinking you’re the main woman when if you really looked at all the signs and signals you would realize you’re the other woman.

Main woman, by-side lol. Again I would say enjoy life. Accept what is or move on. Only you know what

Tip 10

Stop introducing every joker you meet to your kids. Even your kids will stop respecting you eventually.

Tip 11

Stop giving more of yourself to a man than he’s willing to give to you. And for goodness sake quit believing his lies of being hurt before so now he’s afraid to trust again, which is why he just can’t give of himself.
Once gain the best actor award goes to…

Good point, this of course is also valid for man. However if you give because you love, you shouldn’t want to expect back anything, because if you do want something in return, was it love in the first place. Real love to me should be unconditional.

Tip 12

Alright ladies, very important! Stop just taking him at his word when he gives you some Fantasy tale. Every now and then ask for proof. Be careful of the smoke screen that he will hit you with. He will catch an attitude, act insulted, might even pretend to be mad. It’s all a smoke screen. After all the theatrics; still insist on the proof. For example, he hasn’t called in 3 days because he was on the moon for work. Alright . . . insist on seeing something from the moon.

Proof?…I like this one…Hmm, let me think…oh yea, I could not call you my phone as broken. (let get a second phone that don’t work)  or I was on a business trip, here honey, the tickets…See proof don’t help either. Why do you need proof? Life your own life, why are we all so depending on the other person to be happy. We have to make ourself happy and enjoy. Be happy he is gone for three days…finally some free time to do what you want to do. :)


Men will not respect us if we don’t respect ourselves. They will use us up.

They will tell us all we need to hear and feed on every insecurity and low self-esteem issue we’ve ever had, just to get what they want when they want it.
Those are not the women they make their wives.
Those are not the women they respect.

A strong, confident, secure woman is who they will marry and whom they will respect.

Remember to keep it real, girlfriends and remember these wor

Respect each other and enjoy life. Lets life in harmony with eachother. Hoping to here the follow up on the radio, some “You asked I have answers” Keep up the good work Lady Bree, it is always nice to listen to your great Show in the afternoon.

So listen to Lady Bree on Radio Anguilla 95.5 FM from Monday to Friday 2Pm till 6 PM . You can also listen live on your PC to Radio Axa

Today I got again an email warning people of a person having AIDS. In total I got three messages, two different persons. In both cases the person, who was infected was female.

In my opinion is is completely wrong to forward these messages! Yes, of course you want to warn someone about a potential risk, however if you don’t know the person, I think you shouldn’t forward it! Let me explain. If hher boy friend who got over jealous reacted with sending out this email, what devasting effect that will have on this persons life? You ever thought about that? I don’t believe most people don’t even think about it and just forward these emails. With the power of the internet this spreads like wild fire. And in this case the same email reached my twice within a week!

Of course I agree if these persons are really willingly infectiong people with AIDS, I would agree a warning would be nice. However how come that we only warning people agains infected AIDS persons and not against known criminals or killers in our society, via email? In most cases the identities of these persons, when published are not revealed and if there is a picture the eyes are covered with a black bar or so.  That makes me really wonder… if there is a jealous lover at play, who wants to make sure to hurt this persons as much as possible.

See if people would be more concerned about their own health and start protecting themselves by having protected sex, you would reduce the risk of getting infected. And if you are really concerned, dont have sex at all, unless you really establish a relationship and get to know your partner better than the night. However  most people feel by spreading these emails some kind of “protection”, because a person with AIDS got a face. However at the same time the forget that at the same time to go to bed with the person they met a hour ago, can have AIDS as well…

I hope that people realize more what their actions of just a simple forwarded email can do to someone, you never met and dont know the complete story. Just think for a moment, because the internet is a very powerful viral medium, just because someone else emailed you the email it must be right, is so wrong! There are more emails hoaxes running around the internet than real stories.

You know I never get enough of seeing these insane plans land, I don’t know of anywhere else in the world that you can see planes landing this close. I’ve talked to a lot of people that travel even and no one seems to have ever seen planes land like they do here I mean for the longest time they used to pass within feet of the fence, dangerous but never a error.

Yea, I am excited, it has been on my mind for a while now to start my own blog place and now it is there. Big thank you to my partner Chris for setting up linux virtualization on our dedicated windows server, so that we could use  WordPress. It is kinda weird to be using linux and WordPress, if all your own websites are made with ASPX ( … but I guess sometimes you have to go with what works best.

Of course I will be still do my websites in ASPX and I am working on a new website with my own Content Manager, which I am building with ASPX TrivaniShop 

I will be adding solutions I created for my websites (Codesnippets) and will be writing about all other things in life that is interesting …  So I hope to see you back soon

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