Today I got again an email warning people of a person having AIDS. In total I got three messages, two different persons. In both cases the person, who was infected was female.

In my opinion is is completely wrong to forward these messages! Yes, of course you want to warn someone about a potential risk, however if you don’t know the person, I think you shouldn’t forward it! Let me explain. If hher boy friend who got over jealous reacted with sending out this email, what devasting effect that will have on this persons life? You ever thought about that? I don’t believe most people don’t even think about it and just forward these emails. With the power of the internet this spreads like wild fire. And in this case the same email reached my twice within a week!

Of course I agree if these persons are really willingly infectiong people with AIDS, I would agree a warning would be nice. However how come that we only warning people agains infected AIDS persons and not against known criminals or killers in our society, via email? In most cases the identities of these persons, when published are not revealed and if there is a picture the eyes are covered with a black bar or so.¬† That makes me really wonder… if there is a jealous lover at play, who wants to make sure to hurt this persons as much as possible.

See if people would be more concerned about their own health and start protecting themselves by having protected sex, you would reduce the risk of getting infected. And if you are really concerned, dont have sex at all, unless you really establish a relationship and get to know your partner better than the night. However¬† most people feel by spreading these emails some kind of “protection”, because a person with AIDS got a face. However at the same time the forget that at the same time to go to bed with the person they met a hour ago, can have AIDS as well…

I hope that people realize more what their actions of just a simple forwarded email can do to someone, you never met and dont know the complete story. Just think for a moment, because the internet is a very powerful viral medium, just because someone else emailed you the email it must be right, is so wrong! There are more emails hoaxes running around the internet than real stories.

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