Here are some tips that will help you save money on your next hotel stay. With the internet it looks easy to book discount hotel rates. However it is not that easy as it seems. The reason for that is that the major sites like Orbitz,  Priceline, Expedia, Side Step and Travelocity are spending a lot of advertising money to convince you that they offer you the best rate. However they just offer you internet rates and these rates are most of the time not the lowest rate you would be able to get.  To give you a better understanding here are the different type of rates that you can find:

Hotel Internet Rates

Internet Rates refer to the rates that are published by sites like Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity. These highly advertised sites on the TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines. They can afford a very high advertising budget, because they mark up their rooms 30 to 40 percent they get from the hotels, and just a little below the hotel website (GDS Rates).  These third party Internet Rates have the power to triple their mark up their rates and charge local sales tax on the sell rate and also add a service charge so they really get at your wallet from every direction.  The Internet Rate websites pay the Net Rates as agreed in their original negotiations back the hotel vendors and then keep the tax and service charge on the difference between the Net Rate and marked up portion of the sale.

The only time you are getting a good rate with Internet Rates is when the rate is 30 to 50 percent off. Internet Rates are prepaid and can become a hassle to try and cancel your reservation and get your money back.

GDS Rates

The Global Distribution System is a computerized reservation network that supplies travel agents with GDS Rates. GDS Rates are much the standard traditional hotel room rates that are offered by the hotels to the public on their website and over the phone with their reservations center. The GDS offers hotel discount rates that apply to Military, Corporate, Senior Citizen, Rack, Preferred, Promotional, Government, AAA, AARP, and Travel Agents.  Promotional hotel discount rates are like entering a promotional code on a hotel website for a reduced rate right before you book your reservation. Not every hotel offers a promotional rate but if they do, the saving can be significantly lower than what they are selling to the general public. If Promotional rates are available, they will be displayed as so. The GDS Rates supply weekend and weekly hotel rates. Weekend hotel rates are hotel room rates in reference to the days of the week being Friday and Saturday.

Negotiated Rates

Negotiated Hotel Rates are exactly like the sound. Also known as Preferred Rates, which are some of the best hotel rates that exist! Preferred is a term used in the GDS to describe rates negotiated by a hotel company with a specific client. Negotiated Rates are special hotel rates given to travel agents by the hotel vendors because of their superior relationships and track history record with them. The hotel vendors guarantee travel agents that Negotiated Rates are lower than any public distribution channel. 

Net Rates

NET Rates are cheap hotel room rates that are also known as Net Fares and Travel Agent Rates. Net Rates are by far the lowest hotel rates that exist. Unlike Negotiate, GDS, and Internet Rates,  these discounted hotel rates are obtained from travel wholesale consolidators who purchase rooms in bulk amount from the hotel vendors. The more rooms the travel wholesaler purchases, the lower the wholesale rate they will receive. Once they have purchased the rooms from the hotel vendors they will add a small markup to the wholesale Net Rate and then submit the prepaid Net Rate to personal travel agent for resale to their clients. Sometimes the Net Rates that are submitted  are not the lowest hotel rates that exist, therefor you it is important to work with your personal travel agent that works in the best interest for you.

With a better understanding of the hotel rates here some of the tips that will help you get the best hotel rate

Tip 1 : Stay away from  the high advertised corporations such as Priceline, Expedia, Side Step and Travelocity, they are not giving you the best rates.  These Internet companies pay hundreds of millions of dollars every year using different methods of advertising so you hear about them. The majority of their inventory is way too expensive and the only discounts you see is about 10% of their inventory.

Tip 2: When dealing with your hotel reservations use a travel industry professional, and the solution is to locate an agent that doesn’t make you pay for their services, which is what our services off. Why would you want to pay excess booking and service fees when there is no actual labor involved with anyone else you.

Tip 3: Gain knowledge and awareness of the different rate types in the industry to choose from. Don’t just limit yourself to the Internet rates and the hotel website. If you explore other avenues as mentioned above, you can be sure that this will increase your options with savings.

Tip 4: Make a travel agents job who doesn’t charge fees as easy as possible so they can search effectively for the best hotel rates. Take time to form information accurately for an agent beforehand. A travel agent needs the departure and an arrival date the preferred city you want to stay in. To make things a lot easier, include the zip code you want to stay in, useful so they locate the perfect hotel for you. Provide number of rooms and beds you require and how many people. Don’t forget to include a list of desired hotels that you are interested in. Make sure you are prepared for a travel agent to operate which increases efficiency if you give them all the correct reservation data the first time.

Tip 5:  Clear your cookies each and every time you visit different online travel agencies. Many websites share the same inventory and a conspiracy exists that they can install trackers from the information you provide them.

If you are looking for a personal travel agent to book discounted hotel rates have a look what we can offer you.

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