This is an interesting concept. I have been using it now for a while and it is really cool. With out much promotion, i have now build up a crowd (as it is called in the bar “My Crowd”) of 180 people. Pretty amazing, to see the power of networking: Here is the breakdown of my crowd:

Level 1 41
Level 2 64
Level 3 49
Level 4 21
Level 5 3
Level 6 1
Level 7 1

As you can see I have contacted only 41 people myself (my first level of Get The Bar) and those people contacted 64 people (my second level Get The Bar). As you can see it is really important that you keep in good contact with your first level, your friends as they will really make your crowd grow. So it is really a good thing to keep in contact with them and let them now that how you are doing and give them some of your tips to promote this powerful advertising toolbar

This program is still very new and there is a lot of development still going on. However idea of getting paid for advertising you clicked is brillant. Especially combined with the targeted advertising, showing you advertising that “match” with what you like.

The Get The Bar is smart. They will show 5 ads o the side of your browser when you click the ER botton. Now here is the interesting part, you can only click 2 adds from the 5. This way the Bar is learning what you like. Because you will click the adds that appeal the most to you and this way the system will remember you preferences and will give targeted advertising.

The power of this program is the 7 levels deep that it will pay you. That means up to 7 levels deep all the clicks and activity “your crowd” is doing with Get The Bar will generate you money. The amounts are small for each click, but if your crowd is large those small numbers add up. And the best thing to join this program is Free, so you dont have anything to loose.

Most likely you will say, ya right, how can i make money and it is free. A very valid question, but the answer is simple. Just like how Google have the text advertising going and pays website owners for the click visitors make to the Google Adwords on their page, Get The Bar pays the users of the Bar. So the advertiser is paying you directly to view their ads, instead of with Google who  pays the Website owners.  And in a way that makes more sense, because it is the visitor that the one that is really important, that is the one that will interact with the advertisor. Either by buying his product or by joining his program or whatever the advertisor want as interaction with his visitors. And due to the fact the advertising is targeted the advertisor will be happy to pay you for the click, it is like how the jewelry store here give a drink to the customer when they come in and look at their merchandise. As you can see it is a win win situation.

Furthermore the advertising cost is a flat fee per click, no more bidding for the visitor, which will drive up the advertising costs.

Get The Bar - Money making Toolbar

Get The Bar - Money making Toolbar

The toolbar is only one of the sharing the advertising revenues. There are several other aspects in development, like SMS advertising and classifieds. I think it is a real powerful concept and you really should have a look at it and join it. Like I said it is free, so just try it and if you dont like it, well just uninstall, so go over to Get Paid At The Bar and join us. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will discuss it with the CEO of GetTheBar as we working together to make this product take off

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